Program Descriptions

Pulse… The Rhythm of Design- By Tim Farrell AIFD PFCI

Explore life’s passages and emotions through floral design and music to really witness how we as floral artists use our medium to express human emotions; strengthen, comfort, inspire, and bring joy to the world around us each and every day. Weaving the tapestry of life through floral design.

Managing Social Media- By Jessica Van, BS in Business Management

Learn the basics of Social Media and how this constantly changing tool can help grow your business. Learn how to use the popular Hootsuite dashboard by a Hootsuite Certified Member to effectively manage all of your social media outlets at the same time.

Understanding Ikebana- By Ikuko Hashimoto AIFD

The ancient art of Ikebana is explained and demystified by a Japanese Master.  Watch and learn as Ikuko demonstrates and explains the difference types of Ikebana, the origins, and the many different schools of instruction. This thoughtful and inspired style of design translates beautifully into today's market for simplistic designs that sell.   

The “BUSINESSof Flowers- By Tim Farrell  AIFD PFCI  

Tim will focus on the “business” aspect of our industry. As amazing and beautiful as our industry is, if you are not successful and making money, what’s the point.  Here you will get tips and techniques to make your business more profitable from the way you design, to the way you sell, to the way you educate your customer. It’s all about the profit here, so learn how to have one!

The Businessof Flowers”- By Kevin Ylvisaker AIFD PFCI

Enjoy a tremendous finale design program featuring Kevin’s amazing designs. A chance to relax and learn from the best. How to truly create beauty and distinct style, elevate your shop image, educate your customers on styles and trends that transform their orders into something special. See what is going on in the design world, beyond your backyard.