Program Descriptions

Expo 2022 Program Descriptions


Designing for the Ages and the Generational Market! By Jackie Lacey, AAF, AIFD, PFCI, CFD

Each generation approaches everything they do in a different manner, but they all purchase with their eyes, and now their phones. Designing for and marketing to each of the generations is a necessity but it takes “know how” to develop once and then revise for each of the other generations. Coming at design style from two different generations we will feature what attracts each, while we intertwine data from the AFE buying studies and consumer preference studies to help you market to the right group with the correct message.


ASFA Annual Awards Luncheon / AzMF Induction

Join us for our annual Award and Induction luncheon where we celebrate the new AzMF Grads and recognize supporters of our industry.


8 Minute Circuit

Speed dating meets design education: You have one hour to rotate through six stations, where an experienced designer demonstrates an advanced or new technique. 


What’s Next? By Vonda LaFever, AIFD CFD PFCI

We’ve come a long way, no doubt. The blooming question is, “What should we expect going forward?”.  If only we had a crystal ball to be able to see what the future holds for our industry. Although we don't know for sure, there are indicators that can help us predict what might happen in the near future. Vonda will share industry insights, as well as tips to stay relevant and continue to bloom well into the future!