Program Descriptions

Expo 2019 Program Descriptions

Party Balloon Trends with Julie Coheley, CBA

Helium Prices Got You Down? If the prices of helium has you scrambling for ideas to keep your balloon sales soaring, look no further! The designs featured in Julie's class are not only simple to assemble, but are highly profitable without extra cost of helium. The most basic of air-filled designs, deliver all the fun with none of the hassle of helium! Use round latex balloons to create a base and top them with a microfoil. Within minutes, customers will be out the door with smiles on their faces! Increase size, Increase Value, Increase Profit! Stand Up  and Deliver! Organic, Luxury Air-fill Balloon Designs For customers who want that little bit "more," luxury designs are sure to please.

Party, Party, Party! Teleflora Designer- John Hosek AIFD, PFCI, CF, CAFA

Floral Designer and Event Director John Hosek AIFD is here with us to “Get the Party Started”… opening the Expo with creative and surprising ways to really impress clients and guests alike with his renown party work. John will show different ideas and methods of design to create maximum impact, coupled with effective budgets, and building a wow factor for any event. Taking on some of life’s monumental occasions he will lead you through the process of conceptualizing, creating, executing, and setting up amazing floral designs. John will also be back at the end of the day for a panel discussion on how floral designers, event production teams, and rental companies, all work together to create lasting memories for every client.

Destination Designs & the Business of Events, with Martha Aaron AIFD TMF

Owner of Sedona Mountain High Flowers, Martha Aaron AIFD, is excited to share from her experiences as the former operations manager of a large Houston florist. Martha then found herself transplanted to Arizona’s beautiful red rock country where she went on to take ownership of Sedona Mountain High Flowers. Have you ever daydreamed of owning a shop in a destination town or always curious for more details about how other florists are pricing and operating? We’ll be breaking down the details of nailing those bridal whims and industry trends while striving to keep costs in check. Getting down to business about the details of wedding and event work from initial contact with the client to the final audit and review. With insights for every member of your team, Martha hopes you’ll join her for an inspirational look into destination designs and the business of events.

ASFA Annual Awards Luncheon / AzMF Induction

Join us for our annual Award and Induction luncheon where we celebrate the new AzMF Grads and recognize supporters of our industry.

2019 Public Awareness Award- For the continual use of fresh flowers, keeping them in the public eye, and demonstrating the beauty and joy they provide on a daily basis.

2019 Crystal Crescent Award- Formerly the Greenleaf Award, this will now be known as The Crystal Crescent Award, sponsored by Arizona Flower Market. It is given every year to an individual that has gone “Above and Beyond” in their efforts to help strengthen the ASFA and our industry in general.


8 Minute Circuit

Speed dating meets design education: You have one hour to rotate through six stations, where an experienced designer demonstrates an advanced or new technique. Big Fun Balloons, Bright Events, Design Master, Askren & Son’s, Syndicate Sales, DWF.

Forum of Event Professionals

Travel with us through life’s biggest, saddest, and happiest event celebrations. You are cordially invited to participate in our question and answer session with Event professionals from several aspects of the floral industry