Program Descriptions


Bloom and Grow your Image, with Gerry Toh AIFD

Let Gerry show you trendy new ways to use floral material and plants to really stretch your design skills and upgrade your image to the consumer.  See how to manipulate materials to really create a wow factor to your every day work. Learn to bloom and grow your talent, as well as make yourself grow as a designer.


Managing Social Media II, with Jessica Hankins

Picking up where last years beginner social media left off, this advanced class offers new trends, and ways to mix and match your social media attempts to achieve the best results for your business. Great opportunity for answers to those questions you have about the workings of great social media and the results you can achieve.


Inspirational Ikebana, with Ping Wei

Learn the techniques to incredible Ikebana designs from the local Master of Ikebana. These theories and studies in Ikebana will upgrade your daily work as well as make your tropicals shine, remember it’s all about the presentation, learn what others do not know. The Ikebana “roots” of floral design, have inspired all designer through the ages.

Floral Photography for Media, with Gerry Toh AIFD

Here Gerry will cover how to keep your social media, and website, upgraded continually, don’t be complacent with what you have been doing, learn to improve your look, how to photograph floral for print, and media, and get the skills to really translate your floral image into your media image.  Its all about the branding, which begins on your site, and continues throughout your use of social media.


Plants...The New wave, with Diane Gonzalez AIFD

Great new ideas for making the same old plants shine, as well as trendy new varieties. See how to dress them, style them, design them, and really make an impact with your foliage and blooming plants. We will also cover care, varieties, trends, and how to keep them looking great for the long term, both you and your clients.


Le Jardin Weddings Luxe, with Cathy Grim AIFD


Outdoor weddings and destinations are all the rage, Cathy will show you a variety of beautiful garden inspired bouquets, settings, ideas, and all the romance that the outdoors lends to an incredible day to remember.  Loose, freestyle, natural, and trendy all play into the relaxed atmosphere that a lovely garden wedding can provide, a setting that only mother nature and Cathy can inspire you to bloom and grow your wedding work to the next level.