Legacy Award Winner

2021- Joyce Mason-Monheim AAF AIFD AzMF PFCI

Having to cancel the annual Expo held in Phoenix each July, the Arizona State Florists Association decided to jump back in the fray with a smaller version as a lead to their 70 th anniversary Expo in 2022. It was a great day of morning workshops on Designing by the Color Wheel, Foliage Manipulation, Wirework Wristlets, and Mechanics/Techniques. The workshops were followed by a social hour including boxed lunches and conversations with industry friends and mentors. The Mainstage show was presented by Joyce Mason-Monheim AIFD AAF PFCI who dazzled with an amazing program on “Inspiration”…where to find it, and how to use it. During her introduction, she was honored with a new award created on her behalf, the new ASFA Legacy Award. This was presented to Joyce in honor of her leaving a lasting legacy with the association through her years of contributions such as mentoring locals, design programs, workshops and most of all honoring the upcoming 25 th anniversary of our AzMF Certification Program. Joyce was responsible for laying the groundwork and setting it up to not only succeed, but thrive. The Certification program 25 years later is just shy of 500 graduates, a testament to Joyce and her ability to inspire, teach and create leaders in our industry.